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This Invention: A Family Content Network

A journal, information and resources for establishing a Family Content Network, as I am doing - essentially a framework for managing all your Family's online assets and inventions for maximum exposure and revenue. This blog began as an inventor's journal, and retains the overall parent inventor's context and mindset.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

(21) Ready to prototype

Ready to prototype - apparently there's just a few more holes to design in the product, and I want these holes to be dual-purpose (everything on the the invention is utilitarian, dual-purpose, multi-use). The holes will allow water to drain, as well as provide an attachment/stabilization point for particular accessories I have in mind. I'm looking forward to the "Phase 1" bill from the designer; he's actually done a lot more than originally planned, and will continue to help - first by soliciting bids from a couple of different prototype makers to actually create the first prototypes (both 3-D printing and actual casts). Hopefully we can get a prototype done by mid-February; have no idea how long the lead times might be.

There's certainly been a lot of converging activities in my family as of late, consuming all our time (I really don't know how people spend their time playing fantasy football!). It's turning out (1) our kids are smarter than the average bear in the woods, (2) the public elementary school is decent but only providing a great learning experience for the middle of the "bell curve", and (3) having visited a 'school for the gifted' close by, it's immediately apparent that we need our children to go to that school. They simply get 4 times as much done each day as the kids in the public school. Plus, "60 Minutes" says American children begin to get irreparably stupid, in public schools, past the 4th grade. Lots to consider, especially when the private school is $24K a year! Need to accelerate the $ales portion of this little invention exeriment, and stop all the careful thinking and investing. Sell, sell, sell, and hope I don't get sued.

As it's become apparent our elementary children need enrichment, we've stepped up the "Whizkids" business (www.whizkidsllc.com) my wife and her neighbor started, to supplement the learning experience of Kindergartners with computer-based learning. The classes teach computer usage, Internet Security and Privacy, online researching, etc., with a curriculum based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) guidance. So my part has been all around LAN administrator (of the in-home computer classroom), and web master. I'm a computer shepherd, now, although the benefit is an early start on having a total in-home computer classroom set up for our own children, with all appropriate content filters and security controls. The website is a simple affair, but it will eventually be also the basis for this invention's website, and there's certainly going to be cross-selling opportunities, as my invention is targeted at children and their parents, as is Whizkids.

(20) Table of Contents

In this 20th post, it's time to review. I've post-edited the posts with "chapter" numbers to help with references, and avoid replicating information; this post will serve as a running "table of contents" and eventually summarized list of online resources. Though this is a blog, it's really more of a journal, perhaps some day to become a book of sorts.

(1-"It started When" - 1/15/2005) Initial idea (brief); though the inventive idea hit around August 2004, here's the first blog posting.

(2-"In retrospect" - 1/16/2005) First online searching

(3- "Checking things out" - 1/18/2005) More online searching, looked around stores, initial crude prototype

(4- "Search results" - 2/4/2005) Paid $450 for a successful patent search; created an NDA

(5 - "Multiple Fronts" - 2/12/2005) Finding a designer; evaluating patent pending application

(6- "Timeline" - 2/12/2005) Comment on timeline

(7 - "Time Flies" - 2/27/2005) General updates and concern about competition

(8 - "Return from Hiatus" - 10/22/2005) Haven't blogged in a while, so busy with Summer - complete update on marketing research, 'real' patent filing, CAD execution, Inventor's groups and contests

(9 - "The Internet and home-based business" - 10/22/2005) More marketing comments, and using the Internet/websites in home-based business

(10 - "Patent filing underway" - 11/05/2005) - working with the patent lawyer, and comments on accessories

(11 - "First Draft of patent filing - 11/13/2005) - email exchange with patent lawyer, with my complaints/concerns

(12 - "Patent submitted" - 11/25/2005) - as it says, plus more comments on prototyping and marketing

(13 - "Great advice" - 11/26/2005) - inventor's advice from alt.inventors

(14 - "Invention contest and Sirius" - 12/08/2005) - Discussion of entering an invention contest, updates on the CAD output, and getting a satellite radio

(15 - "Keep on track" - 12/18/2005) - Keeping the designer on track, getting a 'waiver' from the day job

(16 - "3-D Printing!" - 12/20/2005) - Designer discussion about 3-d printing, Contest entry progress, patent search service online

(17 - "Staying underground" - 12/22/2005) - NOT entering the contest, after all

(18 - "New Year's push" - 12/28/2005) - Humanitarian values of invention, alternate embodiments, plus packaging options

(19 - "Entirely Random" - 12/29/2005) - First comments to the blog; short discussion of Ebay

(20 - "Table of Contents" - 1/8/2006) - This one.

(21 - "Ready to Prototype"- 1/14/2006) - Ready to prototype, private schools, and Whizkids business.

(22 - "DOB: 2/1/2006" - 2/1/2006) - the first physical model is born, now deciding between prices and types of first multiple prototyping run.

(23 - "The family business" - 2/16/2006) - designing a family network of businesses around the invention, and its taxonomy