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Sunday, July 23, 2006

(42) Summer Hiatus

July seems to be a very evil month - sucking up every last bit of energy you've got, in non-stop fun, swim meets, cook-outs, birthday parties, etc...not much left over for inventing. Having been doing this now for 2 years, it's true - much more work is accomplished in the cold months, than the warm. At least the cerebral type.

So I'm basically spending time eliminating all the force vectors from the invention as it is...it's initial failure was due to the fact that I assumed far fewer force vectors than actually existed. I basically assumed the stroller platform would generally be more robust, uniform and rigid than it actually turned out to be. So, either need to fix the platform, create my own, or essentially make sure the invention stands pretty much on its own, with no assumptions to take into account with respect to the stroller. This is thinking, fiddling, experimenting time, both with the initial prototypes I have (that turned out to be really brittle, at $500 a pop - one's broken already!), and with pieces of wood, nuts and bolts.

I can see the invention evolving before my eyes - either into something fairly different than the patent I applied for (but solving the same problem), or into a whole new process approach, with existing parts and products, for which I can't get a patent. I'm pretty determined, though, to make something work, and solve the issue for most people - hopefully it turns out to be in a way where I can recoup my investment.


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