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This Invention: A Family Content Network

A journal, information and resources for establishing a Family Content Network, as I am doing - essentially a framework for managing all your Family's online assets and inventions for maximum exposure and revenue. This blog began as an inventor's journal, and retains the overall parent inventor's context and mindset.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

What's to come in 2007

2006 ended with a lot of online projects queued up and ready to take off, for 2007. Our own family content network's latest addition "Dulles South Online" at http://www.dullessouthonline.com reflects all we've developed and learned over the past year. It's totally optimized for SEO/SEM purposes, and acts as a central vehicle to advertise and promote all our family businesses, along with related community and business listings.

KME Web Design (our business we started to focus on helping others with their websites and Internet Marketing) has had its first customers at the end of this year. http://www.kmewebdesign.com

Our real estate site was significantly enhanced with listings now automatically fed (via XML/RSS) to Googlebase, Trulia, Oodle, Edgeio, Propsmart and other listing aggregators - pretty surprising there's not yet an accepted real estate XML standard that everyone subscribes to. http://www.ingridmyers.com

The "invention" (Slingwheels!) that started this all off is on indefinite hiatus, as our funds have been shifted from investing in it, to investing in our children and the online businesses that will provide more immediate return. It'll have to be a back-burner project, but like everything else, a little bit at a time should eventually produce some kind of productive results.


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