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This Invention: A Family Content Network

A journal, information and resources for establishing a Family Content Network, as I am doing - essentially a framework for managing all your Family's online assets and inventions for maximum exposure and revenue. This blog began as an inventor's journal, and retains the overall parent inventor's context and mindset.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

(45) Another Content Site

This is getting wacked - www.realestate-virginia.blogspot.com, another FCN site to add to the list, though this is primarily to drive traffic to ingridmyers.com, so won't have a lot of affiliate advertising on it.

The FCN business plan is shaping up; I should have (1) a "brand" page soon, (2) a process document regarding how it operates and steps to take to join and maintain the network, and (3) guidance regarding referral/link tracking and revenue-sharing. The local Women's business network actually has a pretty good referral system going, though it's focused on physical referral to offline business, vs. online referral to online OR offline business. Might mimic some of the governance around that.

Now all we need IS actual revenue, to share. Made $10 this week...paid for this month's domain hosting charge, so we're officially in the black! (um, without considering our laptop investment, time spent, printer/paper/ink, etc.).


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